Thursday, April 7, 2011

champions league racap

finally real madrid are in a chance on entering the semis of europe's most recognised competition. Arsenal man emmanuel adebayor struck first blood by scoring a header just four minutes into the game. Maybe that is why Mourinho brought the Togo man, to make his physical presence known.things got from bad to worst for Spurs as talky stiker Peter Crouch got himself a secont yellow early in the game for a late challenge. It has just been fifteen minutes in the Bernebeu an spurs have to play the remainder of the game with a man short. Adebayor then scored his second in the fifty seventh minute. then de maria scored a sceamer and to put the icing on the cake ronaldo finished the rout in eighty seventh minute. Madrid look to be in the drivers seat heading to White Heart Lane. Its seems like their hopes of adding to the nine european trophies are still in tact.

in other games

2 - 5
FC Schalke 04

0 - 1
Manchester United

5 - 1
Shakhtar Done

Sunday, March 20, 2011

"education is every childs right" UNICEF

the act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life.
Acquiring knowladge, reasoning and thinking differently. Is it possible to be done in malaysia?
Let's start of with acquiring knowladge. Man kind starts to learn as soon as they open their tiny little baby eyes. First breath, first word,first step, first curse, first kiss I could go on for forever. Is the action of learning limited. Logically it isn't. Nothing can't be learnt. That is what they tried to implant in us when we were growing up. Let's wake up and smell the CFC. Who is this they I'm talking about? One word "everybody". The teachers and the politician to be exact. Our brain should think the way they want us to. Is that the defination of learning?
Preparation for mature life. A line in the defination of education. How can a person be up to the chalanges of adulthood if that particular person is not given the freedom to learn whatever shit he wants? Is it wrong to learn certain things? Questions I bet won't be answered directly. If it is answered it will be an answer that what people wants us to think. The answer that I can give is : the learning ability of man is limitless but the power to learn can be blocked. God created us to learn the ropes of of life. Let's look at this for a while. A center fowards job is to score. But can he score if there is no goal post?

When we do something we ask ourself WHY? Why should we do it? For what is it done? Reasons. That is one of the big question marks around. Once when I was shoping I saw this family consisting of a young parents and a small kid. This kid goes "papa knape orang tu tinggi sangat? Knape adik tak tinggi cam tu? Bile adik nak tinggi? Name org tu ape?" And the father answered "adik ni byk tanye la" five words nil answer. The kid then stoped asking. A kid that young would think that reasons do not exist. A simple answer would have made me smile. Reasons reasons. It irritates people when we ask. It is better to keep quiet and be stupid. And all be dumb and rule the world. Judgement. How deep is that well. Jump in it then ull find out. Whos fault is it that the mentallity of our people are this shallow? "Education is every childs right" UNICEF. Rights should be given. Let's stand up and fight for the right to think and learn. We will make mistakes along the way. We will get hurt. We will cry. Road not taken that is where we should go. The path that no man had the guts to take. There is where I'm heading. Ill be glad if the youth of malaysia tagged along. Speak think and learn young malaysia. Its been more that 50 years. 2020 is just numbers. Why can't we progress now. This very moment. Don't think to much just do it

Friday, December 17, 2010

beaming iky style

They say my future was dark
Just look around im beaming
They used to talk when im not around
Just look ar me now im beaming

That’s what lupe said
Yeah ur right I aint dead
To all the people that forgot me go ahead drop dead
That’s just u, i aint going no where iky’s back go scream my name out loud

I was the man at the lowest floor (lower ground) but move aside im going straight to the penthouse
U clowns can stop posing ur new kicks and jackets that’s all uve got to spouse
I got brains and a mojo u guys could just pray for
I prayed and god answered so look at me now im shining

They say my future was dark
Just look at me now im beaming
They used to talk when im not around
Just look at me now im beaming

COP COP COP I aint finished
When im not around don’t stop talking
U know why? Im shining
U can keep on talking mumbling coz at the end of the day ull start singing my name
Good things or the opposite just don’t matter coz im me
Remember me im iky

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

gareth balle the cream of the crop in spurs defeat

London’s third representative went against the champions of Europe inter Milan at the san siro yesterday. Tottenham hotspur that are playing above expectation have every chance of going to the san siro and grabbing points out of the clash. Rafa Benitez have all the experience of beating any premier league team winning 55.43% out of his 350 games as Liverpool manager. Inter Milan are clear favorite with their fans behind their backs.
The game started with high hopes on Spurs but expectation when to ashes when scored only 70 seconds into the game with Javier zenetti’s curling shot. Samuel eto’o had good vision to provide the 37 year old legendary Italian. Joy became to sorrow when Jonathan Biabiany got the ball from a sweet ball played by sneijder before being taken down by Gomez inside the penalty area. It was a clear red card offence. Harry redknapp’s plan was smashed to smithereens when Gomez was red carded. He had to bring in the ex Chelsea goalkeeper carlo cudicini into the mix. The 37 year old Italian was going head to head against the camaroon skipper Samuel eto’o. eto’o have been performing after giving the chance to play in the david suazo role of the team. The camaroonian did nothing wrong from the spot kick.It juz got bad to worst for spurs. Just 11 minutes played and they have conceded 2 goals and will be playing with ten man for the remainder of the game. It could be said that tottenham’s start was the worst ever start by any team in the champions league. With luca modric out of the mix and van de vaart ineligible due to injury spurs have lack of creativity in the middle of the park. a hole in the midfield does not help harry redknapp’s team at all. 3 minutes after the eto’o spot kick inter added to their account another goal this time scored by dejan stankovic. The was nothing the veteran goalkeeper carlo cudicini could have done. No blame attached to the Italian. Its been awhile since cudicini last stepped on the field and he did not have the opportunity of warming up. For sure it was gonna be a long night for the EPL outfit. To round off inter’s five star performance the on form striker eto’o added another to his account with an incredible finish just past the substitute keeper. Aaron lennon almost gave England something to cheer about after he crossed the ball superbly but just away from tom huddlestone. Rafa benitez was all smiles when the first half ended. A day before the game Benitez explained Liverpool’s devastating start to the season. The Spaniard said that Liverpool changed everything from the managing perspective to the genitors of the club.
The game was 10 against 10 when stankovic limped off the pitch due to injury. Stankovic’s disappointment was clear when he threw his boots with anger. Confidence was clear when benitez brought on davide santon to replace stankovic. Santon who turned 19 earlier this year had a run out with his team 4 goals up. It was a totally different half this time. Gareth balle scored a mindblowing solo effort beating two players before placing the ball to the right corner of the goal. Assou-Ekotto should have done better after sneijder gifted him a great chance to double spur’s goals. Assou-ekotto might probably aimed for the full moon that was shining above the san siro. Peter crouch was taken out to bring in spur favorite Robbie keane. The game got interesting at closing minutes when gareth balle scored two goals in two minutes. that gave him a his first ever hat trick in his career. Maybe that was why jose mourinho was so interested to make him a galactico in the summer of this year. Bareth balle showed no signs of giving up. At 21 he gave England a glimpse of hope.
But nothing was going to stop inter Milan from taking all 3 points yesterday. They are the champions of Europe. The first half displayed showed why they are the champions. But the heart the spurs players showed was something to talk about. Especially the one gareth balle showed. It was a game that the young lads should watch.It could have been a totally different ball game if spurs did not concede the early goal and losing Gomez in the 14th minute.
Inter=fantastic performance.
Will davide souza get his place back from Samuel eto’o after he recover??
Tottenham hotspur=great try
Gareth balle is a galactico of the spurs supporters

Sunday, April 11, 2010

i am the best

Quote "i am the greatest" Muhammad Ali

I am Ikmal
I am someone
I know no fear
I feel no pain
I will not fall
I will succeed
I can’t be broken
I will not cry
I won’t be pushed around
I will walk
I will run
I got no competition
I rule my life
I am unbeatable
I am the only one
I am the best

Monday, March 22, 2010

youth of the nation

My flesh is in the class
My soul wonders about
I am in a man made structure made of wood and nails
The wind whistles
Malaysians fill the class
NO!! The future fills the class
Only the educator’s voice echoes across the hall
Hers and only hers
Full of knowledge but not able to express them to these delicate minds of youths
The question is “Is it the educator’s fault??”
Why cant we progress??
Are we not corporative enough??
Maybe the 50 years of independence is not enough
Can’t we stand on our own two feet??
Our minds are not fit to accept this much knowledge??

iky dari ampang
saya anak malaysia

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Education is a gun. When you first pick it up, you may not be sure how to use it. You may not be aware of its true potential. You might not even know what the point of it is.

But gradually, you will learn. You will learn how to hold it and marvel its body, so mechanical yet so full of life. You will learn to load it, hearing the bullets of knowledge click past your ears. The noise will scare you at first, and doubt will assail your thoughts. Are you really good enough to wield it?

Eventually you learn to cock the gun. The readiness, the excitement that bubbles from the gun makes you smile. At last, you are in control. Your teacher then asks you to point at the target. A girl grins at you. You recoil; you can't shoot a child, surely. Then the child transforms. It becomes squereish, box-like; it becomes a TV. Propaganda blares out from suited leaders, deluding hundreds of poor, illiterate people clinging to hope rather than fact.
Your teacher steps in and shouts the word.

Still, you hesitate, your hand shaking. Your vision blurs as images flick past you, speaking Poverty, Suffering, Hate and Prejudice. You hear the screams, the anguish, and the cries of helplessness. It sickens you and makes you weep, but something ignites within you, something you realise you know all along: you want it stopped.

Your teacher nods, just once and only once.
There goes the hesitation. You pull the trigger. You can hear the bullet spinning in the man made marvel. The bullet flies as tough it moves in slow motion.
You shoot Ignorance in the head.