Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Every 'I'm sorry'
Every 'I didn't know'
Every 'I love you'
'I'll never let you go'
who is The Liar?

Every 'Don't worry'
Every 'It'll be fine'
Every 'I need you'
'You will always be mine'
who is The Liar?

Every 'Believe me'
Every 'I'd never lie'
Every 'I want you'
'I hate to see you cry'
who is The Liar?

Every 'I'll be there'
Every 'No need to fear'
Every 'I love you'
'I will always be here'
who is The Liar?


Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Kiss your reflection,
It will always kiss you back.
Talk to your reflection,
It will always answer back.

Play with your reflection,
It will never go away.
Dance with your reflection,
And watch how it sways.

Imagine your reflection,
It will always stay the same.
Train your reflection,
Though it’s already tame.

Cherish your reflection,
It’s what you’ll always have.
Respect your own reflection,
It’s never, ever bad.

Kiss your reflection,
It will always kiss you back.
Your reflection’s always beautiful,
It’s an amazing fact

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I’ll never forget the smellOf your neck so soft
Your heart thumping in your chest
I feel the gentle clutch of your hand in mine
And I can’t breath.

My heart stops still
In a flutter of happiness
When your skin touches mine
I can hear you breathing in my ear
And I can’t breath

Your smile’s so divine
That it melts my very soul
When I see it crawl gently across your face
It can tell a thousand stories.
And I can’t breath.

Your eyes sparkle
And mine water at the sight
I think over and over
- You’re so beautiful
And your looks could kill me
And I can’t breath

And your touch could make me cry
You could crush me with just one glance
couse i love u baby i love u

If I hugged you,
would you never let go?
If I kissed you,
would you cherish that moment?
If I reached for your hand,
would you take mine gently?
If I needed a shoulder,
would you let me cry on yours?
If I needed to talk,would you really listen?
If I needed to scream,would you do it with me?
If I needed to go,would you come with me?
If I fell for you,
would you catch me?
or just let me hit the pavement?

fight2 for wat??

Cries of men heard screaming in day.Guns set up in every way.Firing and firing through this day.Commanded by the rich.The poor lay in the ditch.Wanting to show there true colors.While dodging the blasting of others.Nothing heroic around.As the puppets fall to the ground.The hearts of millions pound.On who will be left to found.As the others around drown.In the barrage of shots.While graves have empty plots.Why are we fighting in this way.Seeing the innocent young go away.Is this the way of a rich mans war.To show there money and get rid of the poor?