Tuesday, November 10, 2009

kuala lumpur

KL tak pernah tidur walaupun sudah terlalu uzur.
KL tak pernah diam walaupun lampu telah dipadam.
KL tak pernah sunyi walaupun sesaat sampailah ke pagi.
KL tetap macam ini selagi ada orang mencari rezeki untuk sesuap nasi....

shaded clumps on every road
the mamak calls.

distant farts of motorcycles
fuel and garbage;
rude stenches, accentuated by
midnight cigarettes

orange and black
alternate streetlamps that never see light

empty buildings behind
flamboyant roads
scattered markets; no one is home

and K.L never sleeps.

Monday, November 9, 2009


I wake up
to a beautiful Earth!
and my lungs snap a vibrant photo
that slides from my lips as a sigh,
and wanders curiously into a journey
of love and light,

where it will greet the morning air with a dance for purity
and lick the salt from the splashing of ocean waves against the harbor,
where it will meet the breeze that makes your hair tickle your ear
and glide past kitchen windows to smell the muffins on the table,
where it will kiss stars into a newborn's eyes
and calm a grandfather clock before it strikes twelve,
where it will laugh with the children in the classroom who are passing around valentine cards
and chase the point of a conductor's playful baton,
where it will dry the cheeks of the girl who dropped her icecream on the cement
and tell the lighthouse of its discoveries at sea,
where it will escort the water from the mountains to the stream
and read your letter to a friend before you send it away,
where it will graze the knuckles of a caged ape
and naturally navigate through gorgeous foreign streets,
where it will forget my name
and live by its own

after all that time living long and free
it will finally be inhaled by a tree,
where it will tell you how much I love you
because I can't describe it in words

Earth, will you be my valentine?


Hold me close, love,
And sing me your lullaby
Of when the sky was still blue
And the rain didn't hurt.
Close my eyes, dearest,
And weave me dreams
With plastic money and
Steel homes
And when the ground
Beneath us crumbles
And we go sinking down
Remember we
Brought this on ourselves

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


seperti ada nya oh dirimu,
menemanku waktu tidur,
seperti indah sang rembulan,
cahya nya menyinar

oh ibuku,
masih ku ingat,
waktu kecil dahulu waktu peluh keringat,
membasahi tubuh mu,
kemana saja kau bawa aku dalam peluk dakapmu ceria selalu,
minum makan ku,muntah tangis ku,
dan melatah dikau tak jemu,
ibu ku kau penawar duka ku,
senantiasa riangku mendengar engkau bercerita,
mungkin kerna itu lah aku taksub dengan bahasa,
mummy kenapa dinasour tak wujud lagi,
kenapa bintang di langit tak sebesar mentari,
engkau ibuku engkau juga ilmuku,
pelbagai soalan di aju padamu tidak pernah kau jemu,
labah-labah hitam pergi panjat pokok jati,
bila hujan turun ia lekas bersembunyi,
ibu kata kalau anak jati tak takut hujan,
jangan kau sembunyi jika datang rintangan.

kini ku hampir dewasa,
tidak lagi bermanja,
namun kisah silam kita masih segar diminda,
aku menangis engkau dsisi,
waktu aku gembira kau tentu rasa bahagia,
ibu ingat tak waktu ikut ibu pergi pasar,
terpaksa naik bas kena belum ada kereta,
panas terik dan membakar engkau payung kan aku,
engkau bagaikan lilin terbakar suluh anakmu,
namun aku tak seperti anak yang lain,
tak perlukan robot boleh cakap untuk bermain,
diberi gasing ku pusing dari pagi hingga ke petang,
kalau dapat pistol aku senyum seorang,
mungkin sifat itu ku warisi dari dirimu,
sederhana dalam apa jua benda kau laku,
tepuk amai-amai sang belalang dan kupu-kupu,
aku ingin kau tahu dirimu ratu hidup ku,

oh ibu....
engkau lah ratu hatiku...
ku perlukan ..
kau senantiasa bersama...
oh ibu....
engkau lah ratu..
engkau lah ratu hati ku..

Monday, November 2, 2009


You're calm
You're giddy
You're free

You're high as a cloud
You feel so light and pleasant
You feel like life is just so much brighter

You're liberated
You're serene
You're no longer cornered

You're high
You're lovin' it
You're lovin' life

You're laughing
You're high
You're free

But it's to us that you're lying
We're sitting here crying
And you, you're dying

You would do anything for your own happiness
You'd even drive away your loved ones and just drown in the loneliness

But, oh, what will you do when the high goes away?

You get those amazingly euphoric feelings
Too bad it costs so much you're giving out money you don't have in the dealings

But, oh, what will you do when shit gets tight?

Before you know it, you're knee deep in your own shit
You never have the money when those urges hit

But, oh, what will you do, will you blame your girl?

Suck her dry of her cash
Then move on and go and get smashed

But, oh, what will you do, will you blame your past?

Daddy popped pills and beat the shit out of mommy
And there you sat practically crying her blood because it was just that painful to see

But, oh, what will you do when there's no more money?

Why you got into it you no longer know
It was just an occasional thing and it's all the time and without you're always so low

But, oh, what will you do when you need so much more?

Your veins are showing like you're ninety and your arms are all fucked up
You've got a drink, and there's plenty of sleep-aid drugs right there in that cup

But, oh, what will you do when they're after you?

There's vomit crusting on your lips
And it's of the toxins you take such small sips

But, oh, what will you do when you've taken too much?

All is fading into black
But you know now you'll never come back

But, oh, what will you do when you're lying there, dying?

I suppose it doesn't matter anymore. I just wish you could hear me crying.


love you more than words can say,
Beat me down, I won't go away.
Take me to nowhere,
Throw me out of the car.
I'll walk back to you,
No matter how far.

Slap me and curse me,
And damn me to Hell.
Cut me and shoot me,
I'll still love you more than I can tell.

Bite me and break me,
And insult me and all,
But I won't back away,
Right up to the wall.

You are my whole world,
And until you know,
I won't go away,
You can spit and taunt,
But still I will stay.