Monday, November 9, 2009


I wake up
to a beautiful Earth!
and my lungs snap a vibrant photo
that slides from my lips as a sigh,
and wanders curiously into a journey
of love and light,

where it will greet the morning air with a dance for purity
and lick the salt from the splashing of ocean waves against the harbor,
where it will meet the breeze that makes your hair tickle your ear
and glide past kitchen windows to smell the muffins on the table,
where it will kiss stars into a newborn's eyes
and calm a grandfather clock before it strikes twelve,
where it will laugh with the children in the classroom who are passing around valentine cards
and chase the point of a conductor's playful baton,
where it will dry the cheeks of the girl who dropped her icecream on the cement
and tell the lighthouse of its discoveries at sea,
where it will escort the water from the mountains to the stream
and read your letter to a friend before you send it away,
where it will graze the knuckles of a caged ape
and naturally navigate through gorgeous foreign streets,
where it will forget my name
and live by its own

after all that time living long and free
it will finally be inhaled by a tree,
where it will tell you how much I love you
because I can't describe it in words

Earth, will you be my valentine?


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