Wednesday, January 27, 2010

lesson by nature

i dig my feet deep into the sand
i look deep at the ocean
so blue so open
now, this moment right here im free!!!!
the birds on top of me soarinng through the blue sky
no worries no wonders
i just hope i can be in his shoes
so i can get 'as high as extecy'
ill strech out my wings
ill be free

look to my right,
a turtle lands next to me on the crystal white sand with a purpose
looking deep into its eyesits like the gentle giant is trying to tell me something
'let go of yourself like i let go of my babies dig out of the sand and just swim'
the turtle tells me
ill be free

glance to my left,
there a coconut tree stands beside me
so tall yet so powerful
it aint scared of the strong wind or the violent waves
it stands alone
it is as brave as a lion
be like the tree
and ill be free!!

then i turn my back,
theres the city the real world
calling me
taunting me
i aint scared
i had my lesson here by nature
ill take u on world
ill be free,ill be free

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the beach

I guess it’s been a month since I started my daily walks across the beach. I don’t know what it is about this long stretch of sand, but it seems to clear my mind of the day’s issues and relaxes me. I feel the sand move and shift in between my toes and it almost has a therapeutic feel. Some people pay good money to sit down and get a foot massage, but I reckon that’s just for lazy gits who should be exercising more. The world is full of lazy people I think. It’s weird how the people who once were – our ancestors running around killing elephants – to a now couch potato type state where we even have had to invent remote controls to prevent us from getting up and changing the channel.

I love hearing the crash of the waves fall in perfect symphony and how just by that simple sound they can be one of the most beautiful things in the world. Much like music I think. I can spend a whole day humming a tune that has been lodged into my brain, but it takes a quiet stroll across the sand to realise what it actually means to me. Is it in some way related to my life? Why has it not been erased from memory already? It is strange how when we were young, music was created not by a machine, but in a garage at home. It wasn’t made in half an hour with a smutty video clip, but took weeks of planning and execution. There wasn’t a rise-to-riches mentality. Musicians started off unknown and slowly worked their way up to our charts.

I can realise a lot of things when I am here in my sanctuary. Like, what have I done today that has made a difference to someone? Who have I met today that I will remember for the rest of my life?

As I gaze out into the endless depths of the ocean, I have some sort of pity for the fish out there. I’m not against animals, but what do they have to look forward to? They can’t say they have a best friend. They can’t read a book in the waning sunlight. They can never hold the hand of someone they love and walk through a park where all else in the world disappears except for the one walking beside you. But at the same time I envy them. They don’t have to worry about when their next assignment is due, or going to class from morning until the sun sets. They probably don’t even have a concept of day or night and just leave live their lives in the most simplistic, but blissful way we could imagine. There is salvation in simplicity, I say.

Night and day, weekends and weekdays. They all seem so… man made. Time was not created so we could judge when we would turn up at work or relax in your favourite chair or when your next appointment was or when the appropriate time to turn up your music was. Time is just a series of goals, I was once told and I can’t agree more. We only say we work an eight hour day because we have set a goal that at 5:00pm we are set to go home. Down here, I am free of life’s goals. The only two that matter to me are that I get to the end of the beach and back, and that I keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Y’know, today’s world is so materialistic. We judge a person by the size of their house and the cost of their car and how much their business suit cost. I also find it shocking that we have synthetic words to describe things. Mechanically springs to mind straight away. We have created a word, based on the makings of man to describe an action. Why do we need to describe it in relation to a machine? It is what we do naturally and uninfluenced and it almost seems treacherous to relate such two words. Oh well, I suppose I’m getting a little bit overexcited.

I’m almost at the end of my walk now so I guess I should lift my mind above the ground where we seem to be slowly eating, drinking and smoking ourselves to death. The sky sure is beautiful at this time of evening, although there is that sickening brownish tinge to it that comes from the city to the south. No, I must keep my mind focused. Colour. Isn’t that a strange thing? And nature can execute it so perfectly. Take this brownish tinge of the sky. It would be impossible to determine, to pinpoint, where the brown ended and the midnight blue started. It is all so gradual and so perfect. Actually, there is little in this world that is not tainted by us. I find that there are two final frontiers that man has not yet corrupted; the sky and the ocean. You could take a tree and fashion it into a bench and you could take metal and smelter it into a weapon, but we have not yet used the sky or the water for anything but what they were made for. Strange how they are both the colour blue, huh? People say that there is nothing natural in this world that is blue, blueberries I think are still to be argued, but it is a strange co-incidence that what now remains blue is untouched and untainted by us. Blue must be a pure colour I conclude.

Finally, the end of my walk. I stand under the great watchtowers of the coast, the headlands, and once more gaze out onto the ocean as do the monoliths above me. The large rocks under my feet seem to be outcasts from the rest of the beach. They are confined to this one position while the rest of the sand can move freely with the waves. But I guess that all sand started off this way – once attached to the headland, the place of its birth, moving on to a simple adolescent that doesn’t seem to be able to move anywhere in life and then onto its minimalist adulthood where it floats around wherever it pleases until it finally comes to rest somewhere. Such is life as well and I think that most things in nature go through some sort of life cycle.

I jump along a few of the rocks and pity those who have aged. Not aged in body but aged in mind, when they can no longer find enjoyment in jumping from rock to rock, trying not to fall off. I silently vow to myself each time I reach this point in my journey to never be like that, and I probably never will.

At last, I turn on my heel and start the walk back.

god almighty

Saturday, January 16, 2010

POST 2 : Picture of You and your Best Friend(s)

This is alan my homo. till death do us part... haha :)
how long weve known each other doesnt matter. he is my true friend. through good and bad times. (alan pendek)

homies!! from the left ilham,mop,hilmi, alan, zizol

yeah..... org pantai ku. from the left MOP,jack,sulam,bebe