Wednesday, January 27, 2010

lesson by nature

i dig my feet deep into the sand
i look deep at the ocean
so blue so open
now, this moment right here im free!!!!
the birds on top of me soarinng through the blue sky
no worries no wonders
i just hope i can be in his shoes
so i can get 'as high as extecy'
ill strech out my wings
ill be free

look to my right,
a turtle lands next to me on the crystal white sand with a purpose
looking deep into its eyesits like the gentle giant is trying to tell me something
'let go of yourself like i let go of my babies dig out of the sand and just swim'
the turtle tells me
ill be free

glance to my left,
there a coconut tree stands beside me
so tall yet so powerful
it aint scared of the strong wind or the violent waves
it stands alone
it is as brave as a lion
be like the tree
and ill be free!!

then i turn my back,
theres the city the real world
calling me
taunting me
i aint scared
i had my lesson here by nature
ill take u on world
ill be free,ill be free


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