Wednesday, February 3, 2010

If you could have any superpower, what kind of superpower would you like to have?Why?

Mohammad Ikmal is a child and he will always be a child in heart. My imagination exceeds an ordinary child's imagination my friends tell me. When we talk about imagination its normal to believe in super powers. I always believe that I can make a difference in this globalised world. I have a passion for toys. This passion of mine is mainly focused on action figures and miniature cars. I have my collection of action figures from power rangers, the matrix to different kinds of villains. There is this one figure that stands out than the rest. It is the Bruce Wayne aka The Batman. I don’t think that my mum really knew what she was getting me into when she bought me this special toy. I could still remember the salty taste of tears flowing on my seven year old cheeks when I got Bruce. From that moment I always wanted to be like Bruce Wayne. If I have to choose a super power that would suit me I would choose batman's super power. For those who don’t study about batman please stop discriminating. Out of ten people I can guaranty you that only one can tell what the Batman’s true super power is. That is if you’re lucky. The Batman’s true super power is wealth. Money is the most important aspect in our lives. In this fictional trilogy it is stated that Bruce Wayne inherits fortunes from his father’s business empire . Wanting to be like Bruce but not having a tycoon for a dad is why im here. To build my own empire. From his fortune he could have the best equipment man can make for his heroism. His Bat mobile coses millions. His bat suit is more expensive that Michael Jacksons jacket. He uses his fortune for the greater good of Gotham City. The Batman has incredible instinct and reflexes. This is because he is a master of self defence. Again wanting to be the batman of Kuala Lumpur i have been doing martial arts since i was 6 years old. You can check with my mum if its hard to believe. Martial arts have improved my instinct reflexes and judgement. The batmans next super power is that he stays cool no matter what his foes throw at him. He does not choke under pressure. That is what you call a true man. He does not dodge any obstacles he just chargers straight through it. Pressure is his pleasure. The batman is the perfect superhero. He shows that you don’t need to be able to fly or breath fire to be a super hero. You just need a goal. The batman’s goal is to make Gotham City a safer place and my goal is to make the real world a better place for children of the future. I want to be some ones batman. I want to be appreciated like i appreciate the comic based superhero. To have the ultimate super power that is RESPECT.
That is why if i had super powers the batman’s super power would be my choice. It is logical and encouraging. One day a new batman will arise so the joker tell the penguin and you mouth watering girlfriend the catwoman to watch out.

Watchman of Kuala Lumpur
(iky of AMPANG)


Anna Al-Friday said...

Dear Batman,
Did batman forget how his mom make calls to ALL toys'R'us in town looking for that you know what belt?

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