Tuesday, February 2, 2010

iky will not break his habbit

i wake up,
i stare at the ceiling,
im alive,
what a beautiful feeling,
i put my shirt on after i pull up my trousers,
its a habbit im always prepared for war,

glance at my phone,
my mum stares right back,
i will not break the habbit,

wash my face,
i spend ten minutes in front of the mirror,
admiring gods creation,
i could be charged for ultra confidence,
i just dont give a damn,
i will not break the habbit,

then i start talking,
mumbling, disagreeing with everything that is against my believes,
i talk with my heart not with my mouth,
it doesnt matter what people think,
its whats on my mind that is important,
i will not break the habbit,

push me,
ill fucking push u back,
kick me ill fucking kick u back,
try me ill test to the limit,
there is no limit when it comes to iky,
born a fighter die as a fighter,
grandpa told me that without words,
i will not break the habbit

life gets tough,
we just need to get brutal,
fate dont just happen without no reason,
escape the fate,
we make our own fate,


god almighty



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