Sunday, March 20, 2011

"education is every childs right" UNICEF

the act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life.
Acquiring knowladge, reasoning and thinking differently. Is it possible to be done in malaysia?
Let's start of with acquiring knowladge. Man kind starts to learn as soon as they open their tiny little baby eyes. First breath, first word,first step, first curse, first kiss I could go on for forever. Is the action of learning limited. Logically it isn't. Nothing can't be learnt. That is what they tried to implant in us when we were growing up. Let's wake up and smell the CFC. Who is this they I'm talking about? One word "everybody". The teachers and the politician to be exact. Our brain should think the way they want us to. Is that the defination of learning?
Preparation for mature life. A line in the defination of education. How can a person be up to the chalanges of adulthood if that particular person is not given the freedom to learn whatever shit he wants? Is it wrong to learn certain things? Questions I bet won't be answered directly. If it is answered it will be an answer that what people wants us to think. The answer that I can give is : the learning ability of man is limitless but the power to learn can be blocked. God created us to learn the ropes of of life. Let's look at this for a while. A center fowards job is to score. But can he score if there is no goal post?

When we do something we ask ourself WHY? Why should we do it? For what is it done? Reasons. That is one of the big question marks around. Once when I was shoping I saw this family consisting of a young parents and a small kid. This kid goes "papa knape orang tu tinggi sangat? Knape adik tak tinggi cam tu? Bile adik nak tinggi? Name org tu ape?" And the father answered "adik ni byk tanye la" five words nil answer. The kid then stoped asking. A kid that young would think that reasons do not exist. A simple answer would have made me smile. Reasons reasons. It irritates people when we ask. It is better to keep quiet and be stupid. And all be dumb and rule the world. Judgement. How deep is that well. Jump in it then ull find out. Whos fault is it that the mentallity of our people are this shallow? "Education is every childs right" UNICEF. Rights should be given. Let's stand up and fight for the right to think and learn. We will make mistakes along the way. We will get hurt. We will cry. Road not taken that is where we should go. The path that no man had the guts to take. There is where I'm heading. Ill be glad if the youth of malaysia tagged along. Speak think and learn young malaysia. Its been more that 50 years. 2020 is just numbers. Why can't we progress now. This very moment. Don't think to much just do it


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